D R E A M . B E L I E V E

Mixing. Without an engineer, all you got is a dream. (And probably some laughable demos). With a Mavspace engineer you get an Industry recognized surreal estate agent who specializes in building dreams into multi-million dollar realities. So dream BIG. Dream with purpose. And let us handle the really complicated engineering stuff.

C R E A T E . S U C C E E D

We’ll help you create successful, enjoyable, marketable music – material that is broadcast quality and radio ready. Engineers that can make that happen are rare to find. Fortunately, you’re in good hands here @Mavspace. Siriusly. Listen to some of our original mixes. The juke box is in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Let’s make something stellar!

Got a song already recorded? We’d love to (re)mix your next project! Let’s get started! Make an appointment today.

Mixing Includes:

Vocal / Instrument special effects editing (e.g., autotune, melodyne, vocoder, etc.)

Track cleanup, corrective engineering

Harmonic separation and stereo staging of each musical element

Volume / pan / automation

Clean / Dirty / Instrumental / Acapella Stereo bounce of Final Mix (.wav and .mp3 file)

“Maverick’s Signature”: Top Secret Digital Signal Processing to enhance & embellish sound